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Recognize Tags in Notes?

To date, $NLtags has limited utility. I suggest augmenting it with the ability for Tinderbox to recognize #hastags and @mention tags in notes and add them to the $NLtags set.

(DEVONthink 3 introduced a similar feature and I find it very useful.)


Good idea.

Could you point me to a resource that explains how it works in Devonthink, please?

It’s in Preferences under the Import tab. Just select Convert Hashtags to Tags.

Ah, this is a once-during-import affair rather than something that would be continuously updated (I had mistakenly assumed that you were talking about the latter).
Thanks for the clarification, Paul and Martin!

Actually, in DEVONthink the updates are continual (for #hastags – DEVONthink does not recognize @mentions). The option affects more than imports.

Continual update is what I would like to see for Tinderbox.

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