Recordings of recent Tinderbox Meetups?

Hi, sorry to ask, but where are the recordings of the Tinderbox Meetups after June 1?
Due to time pressure at work I couldn’t attend. Have a transatlantic flight coming up and was hoping I could use that to catch up…
Could not find anything past June 1 on either YouTube or Vimeo. Any help gratefully received!

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June 1: “the AI guy”

At least one, perhaps two, were not recorded. I think Saturday June 29 is still pending…

Great - thanks for the information! Then I’ll have at least one episode that I can watch on the flight!

Michael as more, and I hope we’ll have them in time! (This week, on posters, was pretty good I thought,)

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@abusch - try to download the example files that @eastgate so kindly uploaded to the chat, they might be fun to play with on your flight!

(Edit - re-uploading examples here, for convenience)
Tinderbox Posters for meetup.tbx (829.4 KB)
xmeetup.tbx (355.3 KB)

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Thank you for the suggestion, Art! I am travelling light, though, so no Macbook, only an iPad available! :hugs:

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Would love to see the video of the “posters” meeting. Is it available @satikusala ?

Posted; Tinderbox Meetup Saturday 29 Jun. 2024: Tasks and Working with Posters.