Reference prototype values no longer populating attributes

For some reason the Cmd+Opt Drag function from bookends has stopped populating the attributes – only the URL is populated. It does show the note/abstract info, so the entry is being copied. There have been no changes in either BE or TBX since I last successfully used the Cmd+Opt Drag function and I’ve tried all sorts of solutions and I am convinced it is some setting I altered recently. Any ideas of how I get this back on track?

Have you accidentally fouled up the settings for RIS in Bookends? Bookends drag works fine for me!

This is very unlikely to be a Tinderbox problem.

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Hmmm. More than likely, although nothing I can recall doing. Will check at that end…


Fixed per Jon – just had to delete the damaged (by me) RIS and it is back to default… MJD