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Refresh of aTbRef9

I’ve just refreshed the whole website content. Loads of typos fixed, c.250 more (manually added!) cross-ref links.

No major changes, just a lot of fixes clarifications. In the Operator list, the dot-operators that produce styled text (i.e. RTF) output—which can only be passed to $Text—have been re-titles StyledString.bold from String.bold and there is a linked note explaining the nuance.

DuckDuckGo search should now work on all pages. At least, despite the caption, it searches the ‘atbref9’ sub-site but not the ‘tb_clarify’ one. Due to limitations of how DDG implements in-page search the URL for two limiting domains gets mangled and I’ve not the interest to post-process the pages to try and fix each. At the next refresh the DDG search will be coded only for the ‘atbref9’ sub-site. Oh well, I tried. :roll_eyes:

As ever, I do want to hear about breakages and typos/errors.

† Of late, my otherwise excellent FTP client (Panic’s Transmit) has been dropping files out of the sync or occasionally uploading a part/broken file. Never a dull day…


I see this error for the second time today

Fixed. Template error—mea culpa. See fixed version here. Shift+Refresh if you don’t see the new page.

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On the topic of FTP…

I don’t think the MacOS has ever had an FTP client as deserving and pivotal as Fetch. Which started behaving haywire at some point in the late 90’s if I recall… but the company’s still around, and their app appears current:

Personally - I had been using YummyFTP until MacOS broke it with 64-bit. Have switched to Forklift, which works fine for now.

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