Register button does nothing

I recently got a new MacBook and went off the coffee shop convinced Tinderbox was on it. It wasn’t. So I downloaded the demo from Eastgate, entered my registration number, pressed register and… nothing. No error, no message, and no indication Tinderbox is registered.

I tried starting/stopping the app several times every time I start it and try to license the same thing happens. The registration code is in the proper field, and shows up every time I go into the register settings dialog, but the register button steadfastly refuses to do anything. Any way I can troubleshoot this?

I found the problem, I did not update my registration code in the software safe where I keep licenses. Maybe it would be a good idea for Tinderbox to say something when the code is wrong? It would have saved me some time if Tinderbox had just chimed in and said “nope, the code is wrong.” :grinning:

Was the code wrong, or out of date?

It was out of date. Luckily I was able to find the most recent code. :sweat_smile: