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Registration issue

I just purchased a new computer and installed Tinderbox.
I checked the Register Tinderbox command and entered my registration and got a checkmark, but there is a sign in the window when I open up an older file that says that it is not registered. Which is it?

If the registration code is accepted/verified, then any docs shouldn’t show that registration boilerplate. If you’ve transferred data from an old computer (that I’m assuming had Tinderbox), perhaps an oder code has transferred and messed things up. I’d suggest emailing directly to Tech Support (info@eastgate.com), as just being fellow users here, we can’t see under the hood.

I purchased a new computer and when I downloaded Tinderbox and entered my registration it looks like this may not be a copy I can use. There is a checkmark but also a notice saying that I am using an unregistered copy.
Is there a place where I could get a slightly older version?

Thanks, Diane

This is a duplicate of above. advice remains the same. I’d also advise you let support know what OS you are currently using and the Tinderbox version you were running on your previous Mac (if such was the case).

As I write v7.5.6 is the current version (tech requirements).

Edit: I should add that it was me that split and merged these posts into a single thread using my ‘admin’ hat