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Remove Composite box

In version 7, I created a composite box by accident. How do I get rid of it?
I wish there were a simple explanation of what is new in version 7.

To remove the composite box, make sure it is selected and then go to Edit-> Break Composite.

As for what’s new, go to Help -> Tinderbox Help, or check out Note that refreshes from DevonThink

[This is just a repeat of my answer to @ellen’s same question being asked in the old forum yesterday (where/when I asked her to ask it here).]

Indeed, you might want to read up on composites.

Edit ▸ Break Composite can be used to break up a composite into all individual components.

Individual notes can be removed from a composite by (Cmd+click) selecting it and dragging it away from the other notes.

Suppression of the formation of composites can be controlled by the $NeverComposite attribute.

As to your follow-up question. A ‘simple’ list of what’s new is rather in the eye of the beholder as people have such varying interests/uses. This is my summary cross-linked to aTbRef7 material of v7 additions/improvements/features (if I’ve missed anything, I’d love to know). I’d suggest browsing that list and following links on the bits that are pertinent to your style of work.

Composites are the newest feature and, I suspect, will mature based on how users get on with them in actual use. They are really for map view use: they will show in other views but that’s not where you’d generally work (indeed, initially create) them. There’s no requirement to use them just because they’re there. They are perhaps best thought of as an aid to quick note taking. If you find you are creating composites without meaning to, you’ll want to read this.

Thank you Eric and Mark.
Now that I see how it works and where I can get the information if I didn’t know, I really love the composite idea. I can’t wait to see what you guys think of doing next. It always amazes me.

Mark, is there a way to make the color of the Composite box translucent?

The composite’s bounding box? No. That would be a ‘feature request’, I think.

Ya…ok. Thanks.