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Resizing an image

Newbie question. I was taking notes during a call today. (Specifically, I was in outline view, and was taking Markdown notes in the text pane - or whatever that panel to the right of the divider is called.) During the course of the WebEx, the rep put up a diagram. I took a screenshot and dropped it into my notes. All good functionally, but the image is too large. It overwhelms the note. I need to make it about one fourth of its current size. I looked at the inspector and poked around as many other places as I could think of, but am still stuck. Can anyone help? Thanks.

The easiest thing here is to copy the image. Drop it into your favorite image editor — I like Acorn, but there are lots of options. Resize, copy, and paste in the replacement.

You may also want to consider storing images outside of Tinderbox and pulling them in later. See the training video RE this topic. Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List). @TomD has a cool utility for capturing an image storing it getting the path to the clipboard. This way you can just paste the image path into an attribute. I can’t remember the steps right now.

Thanks to you both. I’ll explore this.


is very good for dramatically reducing file size ( unless needed for high quality physical print )

Create a shortcut to take a screenshot and resize it. You may want to edit it to keep the original, full-size file.