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Retaining Outline formatting/indents within a Note

Hi All,

I’d like to make a case for expanding the scope of an individual Note for it to be capable of outline-style behavior WITHIN the note; or at least to allow multiple levels of indenting within the $Text.

Say if I’ve created an outline in another text app (Word, Pages, Taskpaper) and import that note into TB - while retaining it as an individual note - I find it loses the multiple indents in TB; it appears that all indentations are reduced to 2-levels.

I very often bring externally generated outlines into TB for further ideation and tinderboxing; and often need to re-export those worked-on texts to Word/Pages/Taskpaper as deliverables. Losing the original indentations makes this a non-option (i’ve been making do by adding starting dashes, bolding/italicizing sub-topics, and so on, but it’s time-consuming to begin with and not very helpful in cases of longer $Text fields).

As an extension of this concept, I would like to imagine that a Note that supports multi-level indenting could be Exploded (if required) into an actual TB Container/Outline (viz, allowing a Note to be scaled up into a Container/Outline and back down again into an individual Note).

Maybe what I’m asking is already possible via some html-ery (which I’d like to avoid, and stay plain-text); or perhaps, considered unnecessary or outside the scope of TB. Any advice or thoughts, as always, are deeply appreciated.

Hope all are safe and well!

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If you activate Format > Text > Show Ruler you have access to the standard macOS formatting features including lists, styles, tabs, etc.

Explode can then break a list into separate notes.


Screenshot of Tinderbox (4-25-20, 6-56-51 AM)

another view

The rest of the suggestions are, by extension, already included in Tinderbox.


Oh derrr. Thank you. I’ll leave this post undisturbed as shame-proof that I ought to spend more time reading the manual :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Thanks @PaulWalters!!

PS - in practical terms, for the next poor fella with this question - all you’ve got to do is click in the ruler bar and generate a bunch of indent markers BEFORE pasting your multi-dent text into the $Text :))

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