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Rule window clears input while typing

When I try to type a rule in the rule box for a prototype in the Information window, or try to edit a rule, suddenly all the input will be cleared making it impossible to use. I got a rule in once.

No problem if I display the rule attribute in the attributes list for a prototype and enter the rule there, even though I cannot see it. I’d prefer to use the inspector rule tab.

Not sure how to fix this.

Trying to follow along with Michael’s excellent tutorials, Tinderbox - Understanding Agents, Queries, Actions, Rules, and Edicts (Part 3) v2 - YouTube

Running latest Tinderbox Version 9.3.0 (b566) on Mac OS Monterey 12.5.1 M1 mini.

You have an agent that is forcing a screen refresh as you type. You can resolve for now this by turning off automatic agent updates.

Thank you! I would have never figured this out.