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Rules stop to run automatically

Hi, I’ve found that Rules which are set via an .each loop in a stamp stop to run automatically at some point. After reopening the file everything works as expected again.

Step 1:

  • Select note “notes”
  • Use stamp test - LinkTo

Step 2:

  • Select note “notes” and all its descendants
  • Use stamp Unlink and Reset

Step 3:

  • Repeat Step 1
  • Repeat Step 2

@eastgate I can’t say when exactly it stops working but it seems the only way to make things work again is to reopen the file.

Here’s a test file

link stamp.tbx (84.2 KB)

Ahhm, yes, setting $Rule=$MyString; in the rule and afterwards $RuleDisabled=$MyBoolean; obviously won’t work … neither would it the other way around :roll_eyes: But that’s not the problem.

I can say almost definitively that the problem does not involve .each per se. We’ll investigate