runCommand() article improved (?)

I’ve also done a lot of work trying to make the runCommand() syntax and usage a bit more approachable: runCommand(commandStr[, inputsStr, dirStr]).

I’m still working on it but would welcome feed back. The customary disclaimer: “but is doesn’t explain my particular problem” isn’t actionable for aTbRef. Its aim is to cover the overall concept and fixed constraints. Individual processes and problems should be raised here in the forum.

My advice to the beginner is:

  1. Make it work in Terminal first. Indeed, the expertise for that may well lie outside this forum.
  2. Make it work in Terminal from the home ~/) folder
  3. Use the string from #2 as a single, literal, string in Tinderbox runCommand()
  4. If #3 works you can begin to parameterise the input and to set a working location other than your home folder (with is the Tinderbox default for this)

By going in that order, the problems that crop up should do so in a context where they are better understood (or explained to someone who might help).

Starting at step #4, for the novice, is asking for confusion.

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Feedback elsewhere shows I’ve misunderstood use of the inputStr argument and confused passing options (such as paths) as arguments with arguments such as are expected via stdin.

More work on this is ongoing.

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OK, runCommand(commandStr[, inputsStr, dirStr]) page is updated again. This deals better with the issue of whether inputStr is taking inputs or argument (otherwise part of commandStr).

Understanding how a given command line tool is necessarily outside the scope of what aTbRef can reasonably cover. But early in the article the point is made that for the novice the best approach is to first make the command work in Terminal without Tinderbox and once it is working then it should be clearer as to what input goes where in runCommand().