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runCommand will not execute - maybe security settings wrong


runCommand will not execute most of the time. For example:

$MyDoc = eval(^docTitle^) + ".tbx";
$MyRoot = runCommand('pwd').replace("\r","");
$MyPath = runCommand("find "+ $MyRoot + $MyFolder + " -name " + $MyDoc );
$Text("Test") = "This file is at:\n" + $MyPath + "\nor\n" + $MyPath.replace($MyRoot,"~") + "\nThe TBX's parent folder is:\n" + $MyPath.replace($MyRoot,"~").replace($MyDoc,"");

returns nothing. Also runCommand(“pwd”); return nothing.
But I know from my firebase sample that runCommand (“curl…”) worked. I don’t know where the problem is located - it may be related to the strange security setting Apple build into the last OS releases… I just got no idea where to look…

Works fine for me, and no other reports of trouble.