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Running Tinderbox on Linux with Darling

I just heard about Darling. I am going to try it to see if I can get Tinderbox working on a Linux system. It seems that it might not work (given their caveats on the front page), but that a fix / solution might not be TOO far off. If that’s the case, I can abandon my Mac laptop since tinderbox is the sole thing that keeps me using it. Excited!

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Interesting … how does Darling accommodate things like Catalina-specific workarounds (of which there are a lot these days in software running on 10.15),

One project more mature than Darling is Wine which strives to run Windows programs on macOS/Linux. In my view such emulator will never run things natively as the original OS especially for new, evolving softwares like Tinderbox. Massive OS features are used by the software itself. For me I’ll never use experimental projects for actual production.

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Not sure. I’ll report back if / when I get it working.

It would seem a virtual machine would be the way to go. But I suppose if one didn’t want to buy a Windows license…

Ooh, interesting. Do report your experiences, please, good or bad.

I don’t get the comment below about Wine. Tinderbox is a macOS program and Wine is limited to Windows as a guest OS.

Sure it is, and Darling is oriented to macOS as guest OS. They are both OS emulators and share many common properties.

Thanks for the reply, I may have come across as trying to be rude which I really wasn’t. I was just trying to make sure I did not miss anything important here. Tinderbox is one of the few programs I would dearly miss if I were to abandon macOS for whatever reason.

No problem at all. Feel free to ask any questions here :slight_smile: