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Scroll shortcut to map extents

I’m aware of ctrl-opt-cmd to toggle zoom, but I’d really like a way of keyboard scrolling to the left/right/up/down farthest extent of a map, and ideally have it stop at a useful point – e.g. for the topmost object (be it a note or adornment), stop the scroll so that it is enough distance units away from the top edge of the View to show the top edge of the object, for the leftmost enough distance away to show the left edge etc. and so on.

I’m using maps way more than I thought I would, and this would make them even more useful!

Thanks for the consideration.

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We’ll take a look. Keyboard shortcuts can be tricky; because we already have so many, it can be hard to find keys!

Don’t forget that you can automatically scroll map view by blind-typing a few letters from note’s name.

Thanks, @eastgate!

Appreciate the paucity of available combos.

As for the blind-typing: love it, use it – but it’s the free-form and expansive nature of maps where this would be so useful for me, and I often don’t know exactly what does or will lie at the edges.

Again, thanks for taking a look.

Just dredging this up to say that the other usability aspect related to maps (besides the above) that I’d really like added is a way to make the ctrl-opt-cmd zoom level stick. As in have a way to zoom out to the farthest extent of a map and stay at that zoom. Unless I’ve missed it, I don’t think that’s an option at the moment.