Scrolling website in Posters

Hi there!
Quick question: How do I scroll a website when viewing it as a poster? Is it even possible?

My first question would be ‘Why do this?’. Have you looked at $ViewInBrowser. In other words are we solving the correct problem here.

I don’t believe the poster method is designed for reading websites. The original design method was to give users a means to visualise things in the map using web based tools - as the early examples show.

I would note that $ViewInBrowser looks for a $URL value. Perhaps (@eastgate) it might also check $PosterURL too?

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I think if you’re reading you really want to read in the browser. Posters are for displaying.

But if your site uses fragments (links with #anchors), you can link to the appropriate anchor in the PosterURL

Thank you both for your answers!

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