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$Searchable doesn't work


@eastgate setting a note’s $Searchable seems to have no effect.

Searchable.tbx (71.6 KB)

What is Searchable supposed to do? If false make the item not searchable?

Yes, see Fine-tuning searches using $Searchable.

I can confirm this, testing in v8.9.2. Testing further, this attribute appears to only relate to agent queries. Thus find()-based queries and searches via the view Find bar appear to ignore this setting. Furthermore, if an agent has matched an item and $Searchable is set back to false the alias for that item is not deleted.

To fulfil its stated intent, I believe find() should respect the setting, as the fact that an agent doesn’t detect a $Searchable change in an already-matched note appears to be a bug. I’m not sure whether view Find bar searches should be affected as there are essentially a ‘manual’ UI-based feature and not liable to trigger further actions to run. I will report this.

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I agree that find() should respect $Searchable but that manual search should not.