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Setting default note appearance

I’ve adjusted to my preferences the appearance attributes in a note. How do I make these the defaults?

For every attribute you’ve changed in your ‘example’ default note, you need to change the value of the system attribute(s) affected in the Document Inspector’s system tab’s setting. In some cases the document-level value is set via Document Settings, in which case the system Inspector will indicate this.

Got it. Thank you, Mark.

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One common way to address this is to have (some) of your new notes adopt this note as a prototype.

That will probably prove to be the better method. It’s becoming increasingly evident that, for what I’m doing, there will be no such thing as a default note.

That scenario definitely suggests you should look at prototypes. I didn’t suggest them at outset to avoid overloading the answer. Now you understand haw defaults are set, hopefully the notion of a prototype makes more sense. Even then, not everything suits prototypes. Rather, prototypes for cases where more than 1 or 2 notes share the need for lots of customisation of their ‘defaults’, i.e. where configuring such defaults is a cumbersome exercise for a note of that type.

For a concrete example, the default note $Color in many color schemes is warm grey dark. If you’d like a different default color, that’s easy to achieve — either by changing the definition of warm grey dark or by changing the default value of $Color.

But, if you want to change notes about “References” to make them light purple, it’s probably better to inherit that color from a prototype Reference.

Ooh, I think you’ve gone all yurp’ean for a moment. I think (checks v9.3.0) that Tinderbox’s named colo[u]rs use the American English (‘AmE’) spelling ‘gray’ and not ‘grey’ as we use my side of the Pond.

Small beer, but might trip up a new user.

But, here charmed nonetheless. :slight_smile: