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Setting shortcuts doesn't work

Hi, setting shortcuts doesn’t work correctly.

Tinderbox shows shortcuts also in its contextual menu (I guess due to a request), although Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines suggest to don’t do that:

Show keyboard shortcuts in menu bar menus, not contextual menus. Contextual menus are already shortcuts to task-specific commands; it’s redundant to display keyboard shortcuts too.

I’m fine with showing them there, in fact I find it a good way to learn my new shortcuts. However, a successfully assigned shortcut, i.e. it’s picked up in the menu bar menu, doesn’t show the correct shortcut in the contextual menu.

This is all tested with restarting Tinderbox to pick up the changes:

  • if I set Make Alias to CMD+K the contextual menu shows CMD+L
  • if I set Make Alias to ALT+K the contextual menu shows ALT+L
  • and so on

It’s quite confusing to see those wrong shortcuts in the contextual menu. @eastgate Could this be fixed?

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Fair enough. (The HIG recommendation on this reversed itself completely during Tinderbox’s lifetime.)