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Several questions

@mwra @eastgate If you select a note and click on the blank space in the outline or map view (there are other views?), the note selection will be lost. Is there any advantage to this process? I think there is a setting or method to turn off this setting?

In the @talazem file(A Tinderbox Zettelkasten starter file - #61 by Ting), if there are @2 same references in a note, they will be displayed twice in the outbound link window at the bottom. Is this a wiki link bug or?

Not sure I understand. That’s normal behavior in any app I’ve ever used. Clicking into free space is used to dismiss a selection.

You can access all views via menu View.


Or by showing the toolbar via View > Show Toolbar.

Or by using a tab’s contextual menu.


That is correct. It is the normal behaviour and how you change selections or choose to have none. As has been already notes, this is a general behaviour common to many apps where the selection is made from a list or view. If you want to keep a note selected, don’t click on the view background!

No, that is correct. There are two discrete links, so I’d expect them to be listed differently. Otherwise the Links panel would be a list of linked items not a list of links.

The questions would suggest you are trying to apply the design of some other app—which which you have expereince/expertise–onto Tinderbox. This is a common problem. Just because I’m more used to [other app] doesn’t mean it its behaviour is the only/correct way to do things. :slight_smile: