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Share examples of translation in Tinderbox?

I will be starting a book-length translation project soon. I’ve been thinking about doing the work in Tinderbox because I can have one note with a segment of the source text (French) and another with the destination text (English). “Footnote” notes will allow me to keep notes on translation choices or key terms for which consistency of translation will prove important.

If anyone has done this before, I’d be grateful for your ideas and experience.

If anyone has any thoughts on how this might be done cleverly, I’d be glad to hear your thoughts.

The alternative is to use a word processor or outliner. Some of the challenges have to do with persistent side by side display of source/destination text; managing the sizes of chunks of text; and multiple note streams (e.g. one for translation choices; one for philological decisions; one for comment, etc.).

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Very interesting.

I think the technique of compositing note $Text by in a selection of notes would be useful.

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Thanks Paul. I agree this is a good solution to the parallel visualisation task. This was the main thing I gleaned from looking at Howard Oakley’s example of translating Ovid’s Metamorphoses, book 1 (which I should have mentioned in my OP).

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