Sharing saved tab views?

I’m sharing a Tinderbox file with colleagues.

Is there a way to share the saved tab view I’ve created – in which I’ve prepared an Attribute Browser for three windows of saved tabs – so that they can also see and engage with what I put together?


Are you saying that when they open your TBX they can’t see the saved tabs in the gallery? The gallery saves data in the current TBX, as described here.

Are you sure you saved the tabs into the Gallery before closing them and sharing your file?

Sorry for my late reply.

I’ve first re-checked my TBX file, and have saved my tabs in the gallery. However, I think I’m failing to grasp how I’m able to save and organize tabs across three windows – and then how another user (whose viewing the same document on another computer) is able see those three windows with their saved tabs.

I feel like I’m overlooking some crucial (elementary) step or understanding for using the saved tabs gallery.

Thanks for your help.

OK. When you open the same document on another user’s Mac, what is missing? How many windows open? Are the tabs correct?

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My general sense is that they’re not seeing the same number of window, and the tab set up in those windows isn’t showing. But I’m trying to get more precise clarity on this, and will let you know as soon I do. Thanks.

Sure, but that’s hard task with which to give help. Suggestion. Make a test TBX with some saved tabs. describe those tabs and post the TBX here and see if others can find the content you think you’ve saved. No risk, the test doesn’t need to use sensitive content, only dat that uses the features needed by your used tabs.

I sense you’re not sure if you’re not saving things correctly and/or you collaborators are’'nt using the content correctly.

A ‘general sense’ won’t move you forward but a few moments to make a small empirical test will. Bring the forum something actionable and i think you’ll find yourself getting past this roadblock and understand if/where it is happening.

You may already be doing this, so apologies if I appear pedantic - just to be clear is everyone opening the exact same copy of the Tbx project file? In which case they should all see the same tabs that you saved.

Is your issue that even though your colleagues open the exact same file, they see different tabs/views? That could only be some kind of cache issue, which then points to an @eastgate request, if that is indeed the issue. Try saving the file with a different name each time? is all I could suggest for that - if nothing else, you can test that everyone’s got the same version on-screen.

If all are seeing the same tabs but the columns appear messed up, that might be a screen size/res variation issue.


Oh wait - that’s your issue, then.

Tbx doesn’t save relative positions and screen-shot type startup views across multiple windows, nor determine the individual window startup positions on the screen, not that I know of.

Also, I understand that the idea behind the Gallery is to save columns and certain settings particularly crucial to Attribute View panes, not to precisely position first-open content/data for the viewer.

In today’s world, positioning windows across multiple machines isn’t terrifically useful. Everyone has different screen sizes, numbers of screens, arrangements of their multiple screens. If placement of windows matters, put them where they belong.

I think tis is roughly the problem. Just heard back from one of my colleagues, and she’s able to see one of the windows but not all three of them.

I then asked if she can see the two additional windows under the Window menu, but apparently she cannot.

I’m guessing there’s no way to recreate these other two windows on her end (which contain saved tabs in the gallery).

Thanks for your help.

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I think this could easily be done via a 3rd party app - look into Keyboard Maestro, Automator, or even Alfred (with the powerpack). You could generate say a macro to open 3 windows of the same project, place them onscreen in specific relative zones (important because different users have different display environments), focus on one of them, etc.

The discrete windows are saved in the document (not ‘in’ a window). They don’t magically disappear.
Have you considered testing with more epxereinced Tinderbox users? If there are none in your work group, you can post a TBX with several (saved) windows open here and we can tell you what we see.

Thanks. I’ll set something up, and post it for us to figure out.

Quickly…in trying to understand the discussion with you and @archurhh, when you’re saying that the “discrete windows are saved in the document,” where would one go to find them? Thanks again.

We’re going in circles. You described a file you set up and then said other people weren’t seeing it as you imagined, but that omits so much information that much as we’d like to help it becomes guesswork. It’s the work of minutes to make a document with windows open and saved in your desired configuration. Up load that here and we can tell you what we see.