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Shortcut for opening ziplink in new window

I was wondering if there was a shortcut for opening a ziplink as a note in a new window?

Often when I am reading a note with a number of ziplinks, I would like to open the corresponding notes as separate windows, so that I can easily read them without having to leave the original note.

A ‘ziplink’ is not a type of link. are you referring to text links? That is, links within the $Text of a note. In Tinderbox the term ‘ziplinks’ refers simply to one of the methods by which a text link can be created.

The short answer is no, there is no one-click method to do this as Tinderbox is, as the the mode these days a single-window app. That said, you can open a selected note as a stand-alone secondary window via View menu → Text Window (⌘+⌥+X). However, that opens the current note. But, if you show the link pane for the current note (⌘+7) and click on the link to the you wish to open separately, a pop-up window appears showing the link’s target note in a pop-over. Click and drag-that to form a stand alone window. Not that if you click a link in a stand-alone window the main window’s focus moves to the target; the stand-alone window retains its focus.

HTH :slight_smile:

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