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Shortcut to insert note *below* selected note

Hi all!

Is there a way to quickly place a new note below the selected note? In aTbRef I see that opt-return is supposed to do this, but on my Macbook it is placing the note to the right of the selected note as usual.

Thanks for any advice.

Context (in case it is helpful): I am adding items to a Kanban with adornments creating vertical swimlanes. I want to keep the new notes in the same swimlane as I add them.


Current Map view placement shortcuts (assuming spare space in the target position):

  • To right of selected note (default): Return
  • Below selected note: [Ctrl]+[Opt]+Return
  • To left of selected note: [Ctrl]+Return

The reference to [Opt]+Return looks to be either an error or out-of-date info. Can you tell me on what page (URL) it occurs so I can correct it.

In case you wonder, there is no shortcut at present to insert a new note above the selected note.

Thank you Mark! That works like a charm.

the url:


Sorry about that. Now fixed!

aTbRef is a big resource so occasionally errors creep in or things aren’t correctly updated when chages occur. I’m always happy to hear of errors and typos so I can fix them. :slight_smile: