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"Show note in outline"

I used “copy note URL” to get a note’s URL. Now when I try to open it, the note opens up, but I don’t know where the note appears in the outline. Is there a way to “show note in outline”?

open tinderbox://test/?view=outline+select=1510681225;

test.tbx (55.1 KB)

I tried your file (correcting the filename in the URL) and the outline opens showing the note selected in the view and text pane. Can you clarify your work environment more? Your test file doesn’t appear to demonstrate the behaviour cited (for me, at least!). FWIW, I used the TB URL in Safari to open the file URL.

There is no ‘open in view X’ but you can open in a new tab and then set the tab view style to Outline. Note that if view is not at root level the breadcrumb bar shows the (outline) path to the current view root.

If the issue is that the note is selected but no currently visible in view pane then i think you’re stuck. I’m not aware of a “scroll view to show selected item” command.

What is the needed correction? The URL I pasted is the URL that Tinderbox gave me, and works fine over here.

Open the URL. Can you see where the note is? The text of the note shows up on the right, but its parent note (“the”) is collapsed, giving no indication where in the outline the note actually is.

I might be stuck.

Mea culpa, a naming collision in my downloads changed the filename. Anyway, I see this issue now. I think this is a double glitch:

  • The target note is selecting in the view but not in the text pane.
  • Selecting a note in a collapsed branch doesn’t expand the branch to reveal the item.

I’ve reported this, I’m not sure there is a work-around at this point.

I noticed that this happens when opening the URL with Safari, but not when using Terminal.

If I open it with Terminal, the note immediately shows up in the text pane. But it’s not revealed in the outline (my original report).

I did try opening it in Safari as you mentioned, and that’s even weirder – it doesn’t show up in the text pane. But if I cmd-tab away from TB and then back to it, now it shows up in the text pane.

I think it boils down to a glitch of sorts. Given the differing results on the way called there’s clearly some internal tweaking needed. Anyway, I’ve made a report on the Backstage so I think that’s as far as users can take this for now.

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