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Similar notes pane?

Embarrassing newbie question. In the Tinderbox “writing” example from the home page http://www.eastgate.com/Tinderbox/Using/Writing.html it mentions the “Similar Notes” window. Where is this? I’ve looked through the UI, searched the site and I cannot find this window.

It’s possible part of my problem is that the search terms “similar notes” returns bunches of results. Is this window something I need to build, or is it in the interface and I am just missing it?

Hi Chris and Happy New Year,
Nothing to be embarrassed about, we have all been there.

I think Cmd+Opt+I is what you are looking for. Just scroll a bit downwards. In addition, in the text of the note if you hit Cmd+7 you will see the 3 pane window appear from the bottom that also borrows from the similar attribute of the note.

Here is a screenshot:


That helps, thanks! I’m beginning to move a knowledge base that I have away from Obsidian into Tinderbox. Obsidian has this feature where it automatically shows me notes that contain text that matches the note title (backlinks). I have a lot of different material added and I am looking for connections that are surprising. That means I don’t know in advance what will be linked to my current note, if anything.

Functionality such as this makes it easier for me to periodically search to see if notes that I’ve added are potentially related to existing notes. I am usually looking for things such as a person or company that was involved with a piece of technology, or part of some event, or people who may have influenced each other. Similar notes is not perfect, but it appears to be a very useful tool for my use case.

Thanks for the assist, and happy New Year!

You might also want to explore Taggers in Tinderbox in addition to similar. It uses AI to find notes at some point… NLNames, NLPlaces, NLOrganizations NLTags.

Here is the link in aTBRef (the Tinderbox bible): Taggers



Further to the useful tips already provided, I think the article you cite refers to the pre-6 app design’s Similar Notes secondary view, which since v6 has become the ‘similar’ tab of Get Info, as @TomD correctly identfied. Indeed the image in the article:

is of the v5 UI. The v5 Common Words view has also moved to Get Info in v6+ as the ‘words’ tab. Note that the Get Info pop-over is one of the Tinderbox pop-over that can be ‘torn off’ as stand-alone windows. This allows you to look at info about one note whilst another note is selected, something not possible in pop-over mode as the dialog must be closed before note selection can change.

Obsidian’s design whilst useful in Obsidian is not a good paradigm for understanding Tinderbox. IOW, looking for Obsidian features in Tinderbox will liely make your task harder. It is better to try and find similar functions. The issue isn’t one of a binary better/worse judgment of AppA-vs.-AppB, but simply avoiding the unforced error of assuming the design concept of familiar apps must also occur in less familiar apps (we all do this as re-using the familiar involves less learning).

Thus, in addition to the features alreadymentioned up-thread (Taggers, Get Info/words, Get Info/similar), also check out the selected note’s links panel. As well as showing existing in-/out-bound links, the right-side ‘suggested’ column will suggest links to which you might want to link (its logic is similar to that use to populate Get Info/similar).


Thanks for all of the useful pointers. Don’t worry, I could never really use any other app as a means for understanding Tinderbox, it is really in a league by itself. I was just looking for what the equivalent functionality would be in Tinderbox and everyone really helped with that. :grinning:

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Thanks, Tom, Taggers looks like something that will help too. Of all the new functionality in 9.1, Taggers may be the one that I end up using the most.