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Simplenote sync or other method?

I set up simplenote sync with correct login info and tag matching exactly; I have just one note in Simplenote as a test. It’s been a couple of hours and still no note showing up in TB Simplenote file?

Are there any other suggestions of ways to get notes from iPad or iPhone into TB that would be quicker?


p.s. Would be using a VPN cause any problems with syncing?

A VPN would probably stop Tinderbox’s Simplenote sync entirely.

Idea: use Notes instead, and set up a Watch Folder in Tinderbox corresponding to one of your Notes folders.


I think you left a word out of your answer. Are you saying VPN would keep sync from working?

I will try Watch Folder—which I know nothing about. Please, where is best place to read how to do this?


P.s. Once again I am re-emerging myself into TB. It really better matches the idiosyncratic kind of novelist I am than any of the many “structure templates” that are out there. It enables me to match “me” much better with what I write. If that makes any sense.

Yes – I’ve edited above. I expect that a VPN will block Tinderbox’s sync mechanism, which is fairly simple-minded about such things.

Watch Folder is lightly documented in the Tinderbox Help; if you have questions, I bet plenty of people here will be happy to lend a hand.

I would concur that if you’re living in Mac or IOS world, sync via a Notes folder is easier and more reliable than via Simplenote. In Tinderbox, do File, Watch, Folder from Notes and pick the folder you want to watch.
Notes isn’t as lightweight as Simplenote, but it’s more flexible and works very reliably for me