Site refresh for aTbRef v9.6.0b632

Tinderbox v9.6.0b632 is out and aTbRef (v9.5.0 baseline) is updated for it: see A Tinderbox Reference File.

What’s new/changed? See change log for v9.6.0b632 (1 Aug 2023) and the Eastgate release page: Tinderbox: What’s New In Tinderbox 9.6.

Perhaps the most significant changes are:

  • Map Posters. I think a TBX tutorial on this is in the works. For now: experiment and ask (ideally after trying).
  • Hyperbolic view.

There is a lot of new/updated content so to please report missing pages, broken links, missing/wrong-sized images, etc., to me (its author): forum post or DM, or an email are fine.

Remember, aTbRef is a reference to Tinderbox not a how-to/tutorial, so please don’t try to report the absence of ‘how-to’ pages—as someone always does. Such content is out of scope for aTbRef’s remit and I lack the time/resources to increase the scope.

If you find the resource of use, donations towards servers, software , etc., needed to keep the resource current are welcomed. Just use the yellow ‘Donate’ button at the bottom of all the aTbRef pages. This is also a place to thank those who have already made kind donations in the past: it’s much appreciated and really does help.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


There aren’t (yet) any RNs for b632/b632 (I think it was just fixing crashers) but I’ll update the version’s change log page if there are any issues needing public note.

I’ve already made PDFs of aTbRef via both methods documented in the aTbREf’s TBX. I found/fixed the issue for using wkhtmltopdf: not being allowed enough open file handles: macOS default is 256 which is too low and a ulimit -n adjustment is needed. Links to the PDFs:

When I can get hold of the TBX source for the app’s Help file (Eastgate HQ is a bit busy right now!) there should also be a PDF of the Help file in due course.


As a long-time fan of aTbRef, I’ll chime in and remind readers to press the “Donate” button – early and often – in thanks and respect for the gem that Mark Anderson has given us all.


I’ve updated a number of pages to use the new, preferred [] declaration for lists and {} for dictionaries. Plus inevitable discoveries/edits. So, I’ve only changed about 30 pages today, since the new upload.

Those changes are live, but for users of the TBX, I re-uploaded the ZIP of the TBX with those source changes just before making this post (including the new example for fetch() (thanks to @webline).

The PDFs are rather more work to update so I’ll probably refresh them at the end of the week when hopefully the initial flurry of typos/discoveries will settle. Fear not, the changes are mainly small typos in text or changing old-style working code for new-style working code. So even the PDFs shouldn’t be massively out from the current website text which should be regarded as the most up-to-date version if in doubt.