Slightly belatedly aTbRef updated for v9.5.1 release

Don’t rush - this fixes one issue, long previews rendering short (i.e. the end of the content is not shown). It will affect few, but those who need it needed it.

v9.5.1: v9.5.1b598 (13 Dec 2022). A short read :wink:

Sorry I missed the version push this time - an upside is I’ve now got a better release warning method for occasions like this when there is a quick non-notice push. The new warning note on the index page still stands. If you see a page has been exported in a seeming’ new version, likely it is because I’ve exported a fix from a current beta—apart from the odd slip missing the drop as in this case.

The release also caught me with the hood up aligning info for the .contains() and .icontains() operator pair and how they operate as regex test chained to a string, but as per-item equality (==`) when chained to a list (List or Set types). I don’t think there is any factual change in guidance but I how the 4 per-operator articles mesh together better and leave less ambiguity about regex use (or not!).

for the list-based versions I’ve made clearer that for regex testing of lists, the old method:

$MyList.format("#").contains("my search string")...

Is essentially replaced by:

$MyList.asString.contains("my search string")...

It’s shorter neater, but both do the same and I doubt there’s a noticeable performance difference. New users, should use the latter form. Existing user may chose to update their old code or not, but going forward ideally adopt the new style to avoid carrying too much ‘legacy style’.

‘legacy style’—it does happen. every time I do a new full aTbref baseline (i.e. new URL/website) I tough parts not touched since the last baseline and am often surprised how out of date some code looks. But, as stated—if it works, that’s fine.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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