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Smart Adornment Question: Is there a Conditional Smart Adornment Query code I can use...to exclude a note if it is already included in another Smart Adornment on the Map?

I have a map with several Smart Adornments. I would like to write a Smart Adornment query, I think, using the “if” condition. What I want is: If a note is already included in a Smart Adornment, I want it to not be included in the query. IOW, I do not want one Smart Adornment to be in conflict with another over the same note.

Thoughts and Thanks in Advance.

My recommendation, have an attribute that is populated when the user is put on the smart adornment. You can then run agents against this value.

Good suggestion. IOW, have an attribute like $AttributeDisabled=true to function as an on/off switch. Will give it a spin. Thanks for the suggestion Michael


I did not know this until now…makes the above rather mute…

  • A note on the map can only move onto one smart adornment. In the case of conflict, where two or more smart adornments match a given note, the adornment with the highest $OutlineOrder will match the note. An adornment’s $OutlineOrder can be looked up via its Get Info pop-over (attributes tab: General section). Normally, a duplication conflict resolves to the lowest outline order but in adornments the z-order and thus outline ordering is reversed (further explanation).

Thanks MarkA

AtbRef to the rescue