Smart Adornment to Collect All Notes with Incoming Links

I’m not sure whether what I’m asking for is possible, but here goes…

I’m currently using TBX Map view to manage my tasks. One of the things I want to do in TBX is use a smart adornment to gather all tasks that I can’t do right now because I need to complete another task first. To show this dependency in TBX, I have created a basic *untitled link from Task 1 to Task 2. In OmniFocus parlance, Task 2 isn’t “available” until Task 1 is complete. Once I have completed Task 1, then Task 2 should no longer be inside the smart adornment.

My TBX set-up is as follows:

  • All tasks that aren’t completed are in the /Tasks & Events container.
  • Once a task is checked off/completed, it gets moved to the /Completed Tasks container.

I’ve tried using linkedFrom in the smart adornment’s Query field to collect the incomplete tasks with inbound links, but I can’t figure out whether you can limit the scope of linkedFrom to evaluate as true if Task 1 is still in the /Tasks & Events container (meaning it hasn’t been completed).

So, if anyone has a suggestion for how to get this to work or to let me know that it’s not actually possible, I’d appreciate it.

Oh, do I have a lot of ideas for you.

The question, is there a reason why you’re focussed on the Map View for managing your tasks? Do you ever work in Outline view?

Also, I think you’ll be better suited using attributes to manage your dependences rather than links (or use both). Give me 20 min, and I’ll pull something together for you.

The reason I’m using map view is because I’m essentially using TBX to visualize the list of tasks that I keep in OmniFocus as well as the appointments that are in my calendar. I’m using links because they’re visual. Below is a screenshot of what my map currently looks like.

Having said that, I’m also using the attribute view to show Urgent Tasks, Short Tasks, Completed Tasks, etc.

Hey there, I’m still playing around with this, but this is where I’ve gotten so far.

TBX L - Basic Task Management with Dependencies.tbx (332.6 KB)

I have

  • the tasks moving in and out of the folder when they’re completed.
  • dependency linking works and attribute auto-populating to show this

My next step would be to have the action code remove the dependency from another note’s attribute when a prerequisite is not complete. It is doable, but I’ve run out of time right now. Hopefully, you’ll find some valuable ideas in here

Thanks, Michael. It was helpful to see your file. Since I don’t need links preserved when a task is completed, I decided maybe I would try removing the link from the completed task when it’s completed. This works, but I ran into the bug posted by @PaulWalters over in this thread:

i.e., If I’m in Map View and set $Checked to true (which also fires unlinkTo), TBX crashes. It doesn’t crash if I go into outline view, select the note, and set $Checked to true.

Edit: @eastgate, I’m attaching a simple TBX file that crashes as stated above. I’m not sure how to get the crash log:

Test File.tbx (110.9 KB).

I’ll take a look! Big backlog after pneumonia and covid, but still: this shouldn’t be happening. @mwra: crash log retrieval instructions?

Thanks, @eastgate. I emailed you the crash log. For what it’s worth, I was able to stop the crashing by putting a “delay” into my Edict:

if($Checked==true & $EndDate=="never"){
	var vNum(0);

Using OS X Finder to locate Crash and Hang logs.

Yes: the link is being deleted while the link animator is trying to draw it. I’ll see what can be done to sort this out.

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Tinderbox 9.5.2 (and backstage releases b600 and later) won’t be afflicted by this problem.

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