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Solved - Feature Request - Calendar Popup when entering value in date attribute

I’d like to request for a simple calendar popup when entering the value for a date attribute . Currently I can type the value ,but it’s great to visualise which date sometimes.

There is one already - in Displayed Attributes and Get Info. See the fourth item down (MyDate) and the little grid icon in the middle of the row. this opens a date-picker:

If you don’t see this or the other web/file/colour widgets shown above, you are likely on macOS 11 (Big Sur) where an OS-related problem means that though the widgets are there (and can be clicked) but the widget icons aren’t being drawn. This is a known problem and a fix is being worked on. Meanwhile, if you click where the widget icon should be you will get the date picker.

Oh thanks for telling me. I’m indeed on macOS 11 , and clicking on the blank space (although it took few tries) indeed shows the date picker !

No worries, if you don’t know it’s not really guessable. As stated, I understand a fix is in the works. I guess the underlying frameworks have changed recently, causing the issue. Progress always seems to break something that was working perfectly well. :frowning: But, also possible defence against our potential robot overlords, system update and it’s game over. :slight_smile:

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