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Solved - How to unstack item in Map view

Before I post , trust me I searched the forums to find this by stacking , unstacking but couldn’t find anything on this.

I grouped these items together when I was playing in the map view , how do I ungroup them or move them back individually ?

Found it, holding the command key down and dragging them away !

Just FYI these stacks are called ‘composites’ in Tinderbox. Hope that helps for anyone else searching on this issue.

This is not a ‘stack’ but a grouping of notes described as a composite. You can read up about the Composite concept. Meanwhile, how to undo:

  • to remove one item only, or one at a time, Cmd+click on the desired item and it alone—rather than the whole composite—should be selected. Keeping the Cmd key down drag the item some distance away, then drop the item. The 'rubber-band composite margin will expand as you drag but snap back onto the remaining composite when done.
  • click the composite to select it, then use the Edit menu → Break Composite. the composite is now decomposed. As the process moves all items a small distance, if some composite items are already overlapping some items may recompose. Use this method again or the one above to undo the composite.

How to you stop a not compositing. This is controlled by the system attribute $NeverComposite, a Boolean in the ‘Composites’ group. This can be useful to set up a map so some items composite but others do not. Like most attributes, $NeverComposite is inherited so can be set at prototype or even at document level (the latter via the Document Inspector system tab).

Can composites be turned off at document level. Sadly no such switch exists though the feature has been requested. Although not as simple as a tick-box control in Document Settings, setting the $NeverComposite attribute to false at document level via the Inspector achieves this effect. Note though, that the attribute value is inherited so if you’ve tinkered with the attribute at note level you may need to run an agent to check for notes with a locally set true value.

. Ideally such a document-level setting if ‘off’ would override $NeverComposite regardless of its setting but not affect pre-existing composites (i.e. it would stop any new composites being formed).

Thank you for correcting me, I have a slightly better vocabulary of Tinderbox concepts now. Break up composite is already useful to me.

As I always say thank you again for your wonderful detailed reply, there really helps me understand and grasp concepts much better.

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