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[Solved] Summary Table Font Size Increase


I would like to request a feature to increase the font size of the summary table in map view.

For simple defined requests like this, I’d email them to support. That way the request gets read more quickly and the developer can easily ask follow up questions if any. Your request very likely will be read here by the dev but this is a user-to-user forum so it is no one’s job to pass such requests onto support.

In a more general case where you want to float an idea and see if others agree or can improve it, here is a good place to start.

Out of interest, I think you may find $MapBodyTextSize (primarily used to set the text size of $Text shown in the map icon) will increase the text size of a summary table. I suspect this is because a container icon can show either body text or a summary table but not both. I used that to infer $MapBodyTextSize might affect the styling of both types of text inclusion.

. Or, if you subscribe to the non-public Backstage program you can float idea there. It’s a smaller forum but with more long-term users (and beta testers) who may have useful input on the idea.

For me

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Thank you that solved the issue indeed

Thank you again for updating me , I actually thought creating posts on the forum was the right way . I will email @eastgate regarding some of my requests

Will keep in mind !

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