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Some clarifications about watched folders

Hi all,

I’m experimenting with a file that has some watched Apple Notes folders. The nature of these notes are various. Some are planning-related, others are meeting summaries, and yet others are free writes on various projects.

These notes populate into multiple Watched container notes without issue. I have adornments inside those Watched containers to organize the Imported notes. This allows me the ability to use my phone to reference these notes, which is especially nice for the planning and meeting related ones, and also archive and map them in my TBX file, which is what I want. All is well.

I’m consider some advanced use cases and I want to know the edges of what I can do. Here are some questions I have right now (possibly more to come):

  1. I see that I can create notes in the Watched container. Is this a problematic thing to do?

  2. Can I move Imported notes into container notes I’ve created in the Watched folder? Use case: In my planning notes, I might create a container note called “October” and move any Imported note written in October to it. If I do this, will the Watched folder break? Or continue to import the October note bc it doesn’t see it in the main level?

I’m guessing that if the answer to either of the above is cautionary or flat out “no,” then an aliasing solution will work. In other words, if you had this situation going, how would you approach it?


BTW, watched Notes folders on Catalina are broken.

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Yes, I’m not upgrading for that (and several other!) reasons.

I would experiment. I would also expect Notes or iCloud would delete the note or mangle it. But try it and see.

Again, try and see. I suspect this is just a variant of situation #1. You might try instead to alias the notes in the watched folder and use the aliases in other containers.