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Some updates & improvements in aTbRef

atbref.com now points to the v9 version of aTbRef and not v8 as previously. Due to issues with HTML export on v9 initial launch, I didn’t update that pointer and then forgot.

Reflecting on comments and question is yesterday’s (31 July) meet-up, I’ve already made some changes/improvements:

  • site map. Added the ‘quick links’ bar back at the top off the page. Added a hint box (and SCC styling) to prompt those less used to web browser features to use the Cmf+F Find feature to look for words rather than scrolling and checking by eye.
  • On all pages, re the Google Translate widget. Using some new CSS I’ve managed to insert a caption into the Google script to give an explanatory caption (rather surprise the Google folks omitted to do this themselves (but many coders only code for their own needs, sadly).
  • Added a new page describing the layout of aTbRef pages - see Understanding the layout of aTbRef webpages. I’d be interested to hear if this if actually helpful to users of the site.
  • Added a link to the above to the aTbRef home page.
  • Uploaded fresh zip files of the aTbref TBX and associate images folder to reflect the above changes.
  • I’ve also updated the acrobatfaq.com 404 page to a more useful version.