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Sorting/Finding largest sized notes in a tinderbox document?

As I have grown as a tinderbox user, I now primarily use tinderbox as a text (mostly) repository, however this was not always the case. As I opened up some older tinderbox documents, I found one that had grown to 212 mb with several hundred notes.

Question: is there an attribute I can use to find and sort by my largest sized notes to begin the cleanup?

Thanks in advance

I would use Attribute Browser, and use $WordCount and $TextLength to quantify the $Textcontents of the file’s notes.

Many thanks Paul. That should help as I begin this project.

I suspect there may be notes that have images contained within the text that might be the culprit. Unfortunately, I feel I almost certainly I lobbed them into the rtf/text pane and not as a separate file attribute.

Question: Is there also an attribute to tell me which notes within the text field have images as well?


This is great. Thanks Paul. I had no idea where to start with this one. This at least points me in a good place to start.

Thanks again

$ImageCount is the number of images in the note.

Thanks Mark. This was very helpful. I used the Attribute Browser and used $ImageCount as my first attribute. I then was able to begin looking at notes that contained at least one image.

Many thanks to Mark and Paul.