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SourceURL not being populated

Bringing notes over from Devonthink into Tinderbox works pretty well in the current version of TBX 7.3.1.

It automatically displays the following KeyAttributes:

  • URL (populated with the backlink to Devonthink [which actually should be renamed to DT_URL, I suppose])
  • SourceCreated (displaying when Source was created in Devonthink)
  • SourceModified (displaying when Source was modified in Devonthink)

Then there is the SourceURL which is not auomatically set as KeyAttribute --> but it should, I suppose; AND: it should be automatically populated with – as the name of this Attribute implies – the URL of the original note in Devonthink … but it does not.

Is this going to change any time soon?

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Tags are also important for me to connect both apps. As for the URL, for the time being I have this agent:

($Prototype != "pReference" & !$IsAlias & !$NotesID.empty & !$IsPrototype & URL=="") {$URL="x-devonthink-item://"+$NotesID}

I place it in the URL so that $AutoFetch can be run if needed on individual notes.

Is this going to change any time soon?

The answer to this question is likely to be “yes” — whatever aspect of Tinderbox is under discussion.

For the present, just adjust the DevonThink prototype’s key attributes to add or remove key attributes you want or don’t need.

The URL attribute of the container is filled by Bookends. So it is good that the URL of DT’s folder is kept in DEVONthinkGroup. Unless Bookends starts using the ReferenceURL attribute.

I meant to write if Tinderbox used the ReferenceURL attribute for the URL imported from Bookends. I’m sorry. But I think it’s better to keep the URL of the container for Bookends, and the DEVONthinkGroup for the URL from DT. Besides that, I also look forward to get clickable URLs in the notes imported, as well as tags. And if possible, to be able to sync from a secondary folder, so that they can be kept in “/Content”.