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Stamp to change color of $Text?

Is there a simple and quick way (stamp?) to change the color of text in $Text to one that is consistent with the current color scheme? I am looking for the equivalent of Shift-Command-T (Format>Style>Standard Size) Ctrl-Opt-Command-T (Format>Style>Standard Font).

Indeed, if I could strip out all formatting and replace with default text in one full swoop, that would be immensely useful.

I am looking for a stamp, with the hope of selecting a bunch of notes and changing them all with one click instead of selecting text in individual notes, one by one.

Althuogh there are actions to set a String (e.g, $Text) to bold or italic, I don’t believe there is one for colour.

In which case select the whole note (Cmd+A) and use menu Format → Style → Standard Font.

Another thread is closely related to this one. I will continue my posts there.