Stamps removed when selecting Preview

Create a Tinderbox document.
Create a note in the document
Through the Inspector, create a Stamp
Select the note and Preview and the Stamp is removed (at the same time as the Hints, Prototype and Template containers are added).

This is something for @eastgate to take a look at. I reported a similar experience in backstage yesterday.

I can confirm this. v5.9.1b598, unsaved TBX.

Additional points. I checked the stamp’s code was saved. I also checked the stamp worked and was shown in the stamps menu. All this before adding the built-in hints container via the file menu. After adding it the built-in stamp all stamps were gone.

I also repeated with multiple Inspector-defined stamps in place before addition. Same result, all gone.

Again, this time saving the new TBX to disk before adding hints. Same result.

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So then - opening a project, immediately adding Built-In Prototypes/Templates/Hints, then naming/saving the project is an effective workaround?

I think adding Built-In Hints before making the stamp will solve this. And I anticipate it will be fixed in the next release.


Yes, this is the method I now use.

My testing a saved TBX was only extra testing for possible edge cases. As it is adding the Hints container that seems to affect pre-existing stamps, adding Hints first seems a likely precaution for now.

Indeed, if I add Hints first, then add a stamp and then delete the hints container. The stamp survives†

Also of you have an existing TBX with stamps, perhaps take a copy of the doc before adding Hints. Yuo can then copy across thr code until fixed in a forthcoming release.

†. This is less surprsising that it seems. Originally Stamps were made only via the Inspector and were saved in the overall XML of the TBX document. When the (optional) Hints container was added one side benefit was that existing stamps were replicated as Stamp-type notes inside Hints. But—I assume to keep the Inspector working—the stamps were also saved at doc-level. Thus the above where deleting the Hints container doesn’t delete existing stamps. The fact that (re-) adding Hints suggests that in the current version the process adding Hints doesn’t check for pre-existing stamps and migrate/clone them to the newer method.

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