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Starter file updated for v8.5.0

I’ve updated my ‘starter’ TBX file for some v8.5 features.

The concpet of this file goes back some way. Indeed, before Tinderbox added the Sandbox group of attributes. The aim is to have ready-use test file with a selection of attributes, prototypes, templates, etc added to allow rapid testing of code and ideas. This complements the advice so often given here in the forum to build quick throw-away test to hone new ideas into safe/stable code that you then use in your real working files, avoiding unpleasant surprises in the latter.

In this latest version, I’ve included a tab with each type view as at v8.5.0. As the documents ‘readme’ note explains, you don’t have to use the TBX in this form. delete what you don’t need. Add your own content. Once happy with the content stick it in Tinderbox’s ‘favorites’ app support folder, and use it as a stationery pad item .