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Stay on Top (Pin/float) the Text Window

A little pin on top of the Text Window to click that could keep the Text Window on top of other windows to take notes all day. The pin icon we have on the adornments would be great on the graphic side.

The Text Window is my favorite thing in Tinderbox. I would love it if it can stay on top of other windows: keep it at one corner of my desktop all day to drop ideas as they come to my mind.

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Nice idea.

There are options, of course. Various floating or menubar note apps. The obvious one is Apple’s Stickies app that is on every machine. It doesn’t have the benefit of being a direct window into a note in your document, but notes can be exported as plain or RTF or RTFD and easily added to your Tinderbox document. (Select all and copy then paste doesn’t seem to work very well, however, when graphics are present in the note.)

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