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Stopping accidental dragging of child notes from a container

I have a few notes that I like to use as containers along side other notes in map view. I’m constantly moving notes in this map and often accidentally drag child notes out of these container notes. Is there an attribute I can use that will disallow dragging child notes from within a container?

I have this problem too!

Not as such. But there is an easy fix. Use this code on the containers:

$TitleHeight = $Height;

You only need do it once (no rule needed). Now the note icon retains the container shapes but the viewport is hidden making it impossible to click on a note in the view port which is what is causing your problem.

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That worked perfectly. Also gave me some ideas. I made a quickstamp that does as you suggested and one that sets $TitleHeight = 2 which gives me a little more room to grab, but also still makes it clear the note is a container.

Thanks very much

Hmm, on further use I find that $TitleHeight = 2 doesn’t always give me a the same result. I’ll have to look into how that value is interpreted.

$TitleHeight uses map units, the same unit as $Height.

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I believe locking the children will also prevent you from dragging them:

> $Lock=true;

Locking the children still allowed me to select them within the container and popped them up a level out of the container.

I think that’s a mistake; we’ll take a look at addressing this.

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