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Storyspace, word to word links, and a hypertext dictionary

Hello, I have been using Storyspace since the 1990’s to build a hypertext dictionary of critical and scientific terms. It was previously posted on my website, www.christianhubert. com. I had a designer export it into html format.

After that, I did not have an easy way to develop the online version, and subsequent versions of Storyspace lost the capacity to link specific words in different text spaces…This more or less brought my project to a stop.

Currently I have two issues that I would very much appreciate help or suggestions on:

  1. Using the html files I have, I would like to reconstruct a web document, with its own web address. (I don’t know how to do this myself and need help)

  2. I would like to have a simple way to add / change the document once it is online…that can link one word to a space or to a word in another space…
    Do you have software suggestions for this that are relatively easy for me to use?

thank you! chhubert (info@christianhubert.com)

The web is only a subset of hypertext so not everything you can do inside Storyspace is necessarily possible - or at least easily possible. Storyspace can export its notes to HTML (one at a time) but unless you need narrative hypertextual features like guard fields, I’d suggest Storyspace’s sister app Tinderbox is a better choice. Tinderbox post-dates (c2001) Storyspace but draws from it and since Storyspace v3, the two apps now share a common code base. The updated Storyspace v3 file format is readable by Tinderbox so migrating any data ought not to be problematic. None of this is a canard against Storyspace, simply that to write a website, it might not be the optimal tool.

My own reference about Tinderbox, aTbRef, originally my own Tinderbox file of notes about the app but now a public resource has been running as a website since 2004 and created entirely in Tinderbox (essentially from the same TBX file). So, big resources are possible.

This is currently possible in current Tinderbox but not (yet?) in Storyspace. As the two share a code base it is probably a matter of a Storyspace user writing to Eastgate and asking that the feature be added there. However, when that in-document link—be it note-to-word or word-to-word—is exported, the link target is the note. Long story short, though possible it’s a niche use for which the ROI on the extra engineering might not be ideal for Eastgate. But again, do write in to Eastgate (this being a user to user forum not tech support) and explain your need in this area.

As to your other questions.

#1. Depending on the complexity of the files (I did look on you website but can’t see them) I doubt it would be difficult to extract the content from the pages and implement them as Storyspace or Tinderbox notes, then re-export.

#2. Using Storyspace/Tinderbox you’d edit the source notes and re-export/upload the affected pages. If you want to edit the webpages then I think you want to start from a completely different place and move your old pages into a wiki or a blogging tool. IOW, put your notes in a web database-based tool. Of course if you want Storyspace maps that won’t help.