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Strange ziplink behaviour

Hi there again,

quick question. today when trying to use the zip-link feature I noticed that some note names in the autocomplete/suggestions pop-up are bold white and others aren’t. What does that mean?

Secondly, sometimes when clicking on the desired note in the auto-complete pop-up (destination note is in another map) instead of just creating the link it creates a new note in the same map instead of to the intended target. What can I do abouth that?

thanks for the trouble-shooting support,

cheers, J.

I believe it is a signal that the note in question has children.

This occurs when you’re entering in a note with a new name. Can you confirm that you are actually clicking on the existing note? Might you be actually creating a new note, i.e. not clicking on the existing note or somehow modifying it so Tinderbox thinks you’re trying to create a new note?

This is actually a really nice feature, in that you can dynamically create new notes by using the ZipLinks method. This way you can keep your train of thought going and go about and update the new notes later.

You know, I just experienced the same thing you are. When using the ziplink method you click on a note and it does to like to the note but creates a new link.

Image 1:
Create and select link.

Image 2
Link gets added but with a /. Replace the / with ]].

Image 3:
New note created. Is not linking to the original note.

I wanted if this is something @eastgate can look at to see what we might be doing wrong.