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Strike through $Name in note when checked

Is it possible to change the display of a note, e.g. a task, if it has been checked? I want to turn on the $NameStrike attributed for all tasks that have been checked.

Use an edict that finds $Checked=true; and sets $NameStrike=true;.

That’s what I do in my stationary pad Tinderbox file for task planning.

For projects that aren’t huge, I’d do this in a Rule rather than an Edict. A Rule gives you immediate feedback.

If performance is an issue, use an agent:

Query: $Checked==true
Action: $NameStrike=true

If you want to uncheck items, you could say

Query: inside(/path/to/container)
Action: $NameStrike=$Checked

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Thank you. How’d you know I was just trying to figure out the above. :slight_smile: Genius.