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Strikethrough text format available?

Is it possible to apply/ remove “strike through” formatting to text via Action Code? I don’t see it in aTbRef so presume not but wanted to check, as it is available via the menu bar at Format/Text (and the associated keyboard shortcut)


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[checks docs] At present, I believe not. But, given the recent affordances for action code stying of text, e.g. String.bold, I suspect it would be possible. I suggest mailing that in to support as a request, so it gets noted as such.

Will do, thanks Mark

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I would also use this feature if it were available (just noting it for the record).

Temporarily until this becomes a feature:

Note, that markdown supports \<strike> text \</strike> HTML tags, so use of those tags in a note that has the Markdown prototype assigned to it. This is for viewing in Preview pane or export.

Not saying this is a solution that OP wants, just for completeness mentioning it is a similar current behavior that could be applied to text with action code.

Note that, if you want to strike through the Name of a note as it appears in the view pane, that’s easy:


Thanks Mark