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Style Many Map Links at Once?

I am attaching a brief video demonstrating how I style several notes at once, but I can only style map links one at a time. You’ll notice I am absurdly liberal and not at all consistent in my linkTypes (I think I’ve found a way to style by linkType, which is doesn’t help in this case).

Is there a way I can select and style several links of various types in one go? Thanks!

In short, no. Management of individual links is effected via the Browse Links dialog which operates at item (i.e. single note) level and within the dialog only one link’s details can be selected at a time.

For those with longer memories, the v5 Paths dialog was not carried forward into the v6+ UI. M understanding is no one seemed to be using it. Regardless, its presence would be moot as it would not address this scenario of addressing an ad hoc selection of links.

I’ll also unbundle a hidden, and complicating, assumption taken from the screen grab above. It is that notes have only one outbound link, and indeed only a single link between the same two notes. Neither of those can, in general be taken as a given in designing how links are managed.

@beck – if you want to try the thrill-seeker approach you can save a copy of your file and modify the internal XML to copy link stylings between link types. Emphasis on “save a copy”.

What does that mean?

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As stated. It is fallacious to assume all link use is neither/both:

  • a single (outbound) link per note.
  • a maximum of one link between the same two notes.

A very simple document likely doesn’t involve either of the above but I was simply pointing out that when positing how controls work, the need to support the above shouldn’t be discounted. however, that’s easily done when ‘just’ trying to fix the task at hand.


Thanks all for the input. Good to put this issue to rest. Luckily, it’s a rare occasion for how I’m making maps. For this one, I’m modeling out two theories and they diverge at a point and so I wanted to distinguish that with color. Usually the links in my maps are content to be all the same shade of gray.

As for the assumptions, the notes link in varying ways. Some but not all have one or more wikilinks, in addition to having none/one/or more inbound and same for outbound. It’s a beautiful mess.

One thing I’m finding about Mark’s philosophy of not telling us how to use TBX is that when I use it oddly, I don’t feel I’m doing it wrong. At first I found his position frustrating, but now I’m quite grateful for it.

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