Sub-category Or Category?

Did you intend to set this up as a top-level category, or a subcategory of agents and actions?

I believe it’s currently the latter.

Yes it is, by intent, a subcategory but if that finds disfavour I guess it can be promoted. The forum home page default shows new posts (I’m assuming the main discovery route for content) and if making a post all categories/sub-categories are in the pop-up list. So, I didn’t think it is very hidden.

Anyway, it’s there and if it needs to move/rename, any posts already there will not be lost as they’ll move with it.

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The forum has a lot of categories and tags. I didn’t notice how many there were until the recent redesign. I wonder if all that actually matters to most readers. Personally, I just default to searching for what I’m looking for in any forum I use. Discourse affords more features than I suspect we need.

We could surely mothball the Legacy, Meta, Lounge, and Staff.

File Exchange could move into Tutorials and Examples, and might bet some more attention there.

I think Scripting and Inter-App Workflows are two facets of a category for “Working With Other Tools”


Good ideas. I think now that the category and the tag lists are in the left sidebar, both of these could get more use. I also think Training Videos could move into Tutorials and Examples. Maybe rename “Tinderbox Tasks” to “Tasks & Workflows”, since we know that this is a Tinderbox forum already.

Sure, I’m not invested in any outcome other than what’s helpful.

For now, I’ll move this convo to ‘meta’ but only so it doesn’t confuse those wanting to discuss posters :slight_smile:

On that note, I think, though low traffic, ‘meta’ has a point.

I think the most problematic category has been ‘off the wall’ as despite the scope of the format includes too many offerings where people turn up for a a fight when reply #1 isn’t a ‘Yes’ <sigh>.

With apologies to those who do use it as intended, ‘off the wall’ attracts the wrong sort of input, so IMO is better folded into the main Q & A.