"Suggested" function broken?!

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hopefully, this is the right category. I’ve recently noticed a problem that shortly after starting TB the “suggested” functionality when having a note selected stopped working. Restarting usually solves the problem for some time with no real indication as to when it will happen again (sooner rather than later usually).

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas? I have seen it in all my files but more so in my current largest one. (but definitely not huge by the standards of this forum’s power users.)

thanks for looking into this.


This is the list of suggested link destination in the Links panel of the Text pane (⌘-7)?

I haven’t seen problems, or heard previous reports. This list is updated in the background, so its appearance might be slow if (a) your document has lots of text; (b) you have lots of actions or agents that are keeping Tinderbox busy; or (c) some frequently running action, such as a rule, changes the Name or Text of notes, since those changes force Tinderbox to rebuild the indexes that the suggested links panel uses.

Yes. Exactly that suggested link bit.
Not many agents running. Text, a bit, but really not excessive.

Can I “force refresh it” to see if it solves things?

Or could I send you the file to look at?

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Do send the file; I can hook it up to the profiler and see what’s slowing things down.

thanks. file sent via e-mail!

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Any chance you could find the culprit lesion?

Have a good weekend everybody!

Not yet — prep for Saturday’s meetup, revisions to Thinking In Tinderbox, and other issues got in the way. It’s prominent in the inbox.